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Unfortunately the laboratory processing your biopsy has moved from USPS to FedEx for the delivery of slides with an accompanying 9-fold increase in price whether it be be for one or ten slides!!

As a consequence I must raise the price of one or two individual tests to $95 per test but will continue to honor the $80 per test for those buying three or more tests at any one time.

I really regret having to do this but the laboratory is adamant that they will not use the USPS under any circumstances.

My upgraded OFDA 2000 fiber testing machine is the most up-to-date fiber testing machine in the US!
Streamlined programming, modernised hardware and updated software means I can process samples faster - all I need is more samples!!

To add even more value, get a follicle density biopsy done for $80 if purchasing three or more tests at one time!
It doesn't get much better than this folks...
The Premium Fiber Test Information Sheet is here.
The Simple Fiber Test Information Sheet is here.
Please fill the relevant sheet in when sending in samples.
The OFDA 2000 manufacturer recommends a setting change. Please read this article for the story.
You may elect to have an Untrimmed Histogram (as against the currently used High Trim setting) by ticking the box on the above Premium Fiber Test Information Sheet. (Please note this applies for the Premium Fiber Tests only.)

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